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What is Taqiyya

Taqiyya is a form of deception that is not just allowed by the faith of Islam but encouraged as well. Traditionally it’s a means to...
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Find the Truth – Quran 5:51

The passage of Quran 5:51 is one that’s largely ignored and avoided by Muslim apologetic programs and experts. Some decide to avoid the verse all together,...
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Find the Truth – Quran 8:12

Quran 8:12 is one of the more controversial verses in the manuscript, and often misquoted out of context because of it’s violent overtones. At the...

Islamic Bigotry – Lessons in History

Anyone who has seen the interaction between Ben Affleck and Sam Harris know how combustible the terms Islamophobia and Islamic bigotry really are. Nobody is saying...
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Find the Truth – Quran 9:30

The Islamic verse of Quran 9:30 is one that illustrates the demarcation between the three religions. Further it shows how Muhammad wants his followers to react to...
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Find the Truth – Quran 4:74

For those who proclaim that Islam is an inherently peaceful religion, I’d imagine that this verse is difficult to comprehend. It’s meaning is quite clear...
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Find the Truth – Quran 3:151

One of the more focused and highly disturbing passages in the Islamic text, Quran 3:151 is a verse directly solely at Christians. This verse has...
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Find the Truth – Quran 2:216

The verse of Quran 2:216 is a part of the text that sheds more light on the totalitarian approach and dogmatic instruction that’s inherent in the...